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    Cs5 InDesign won't launch properly



      I'm having problems with InDesign. When I tried to launch i this morning it opened up in a 'stripped' version; no toolbar, no control panel, no side panels, the premade workspaces are gone, I have no short keys, neither the nugde arrows or the enter button on the keyboard works.


      I can get the toolbar and the control panel back by rechoosing them in the Windows drop-panel and I can make and save my own Workspace but the rest is gone.


      I use InDesign almost daily and until today everything has worked fine. I use CS5 Design Standard and everything else; Photoshop, Illustrator etc works without fault.


      I have Windows 7 Home Premium on an Acer Aspire 5742G, everything is updated and no changes has been made since I last opened InDesign successfully.



      While Googling for solutions I came across an old post here that describes exactly the same problem. I have tried the different solution that were suggested in this thread with no success. (Exept making a clean re-installation of Windows 7).



      I've tried the alt-ctrl-shift at startup and cleaned the preferences - no change.

      I uninstalled CS5, ran Adobe's Clean Script, re-installed - same 'stripped' InDesign.



      I would really appreciate some help with this.