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    can't import from Premiere Elements 4.0 into CS5.5


      Hey guys,


      I am trying to open a project that I did a while ago in Premiere Elements 4.0 (Windows) in a new Premiere software (Mac). I tried both Premiere Elements 10 and Premiere CS5.5, and both of them denied my old project, saying it was incompatible. Importing didn't work out either.


      Any ideas?


      ...or is there a place where I can purchase Elements 4.0 for Mac?


      Thanks in advance!

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          Nash_John Level 3



          Premiere Elements projects created on MAC and thosce created on Win are not compatible with each other.

          Projects created on WIN can only be opened on other WIN machines and those created on MAC can only be opened on other MAC machines.


          Moreover, Premiere Elements provides a support for opening projects created in earlier versions for only two earlier versions, i.e. in PrE 10 you can open projects of version 9 and 8, this is what Adobe says. If your earlier projects older than two versions can still open you are lucky, but Adobe does not support it.

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            Nash_John Level 3

            And i am sorry to say that Elements 4.0 for MAC does not exist. Elements was created for MAC only in version 9.

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              crehage2 Level 1

              Thank you very much John, I appreciate your help.


              might have to try to find an old win machine with premiere elements 4.

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                John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Old or Used Software http://www.emsps.com/oldtools/ Or http://www.retrosoftware.com/


                http://forums.adobe.com/message/1636890 warns about buying from eBay, but you MAY be OK if the seller has a high rating for something this old

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  PrE 4.0 (Windows only, as John points out) was a contemporary of PrPro 2.0 (Windows only), and the PrE 4.0 Projects Open in PrPro 2.0, with but a few exceptions (some 3rd party Transitions and Effects, or Themes/Instant Movie, as PrPro 2.0 does not have those). Now comes the problem. PrPro did not port to the Mac, until CS3. This also means that a PrPro 2.0 Project will not Import/Open in PrPro CS3 (or above) on the Mac. The workaround is to find a kind person, with PrPro CS3 on their Mac, and then Open (or Import) that PrPro 2.0 (or PrE 4.0) Project in their version. Then, all they have to do is Save the Project (I would suggest Save_As, or Save_As_a_Copy), and then hand off THAT Project, to Open (or Import) in a CS 3, or later, version of PrPro, on the Mac. Then things should work fine, and you also get to make friends with a PC-user.


                  In your case, the PrE 4.0 Project should Open/Import into PrPro CS3 (Windows), and with that Save_As, should then Open/Import into your PrPro on Mac. See some of the exceptions, mentioned above.


                  As always, we suggest completing all Projects in the version of the program, in which they were created. Even if the Open/Import goes well, problems can arise.


                  Good luck,



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                    crehage2 Level 1

                    Thanks Bill, I'll try to do that!

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      You are most welcome, and hope that things work fine.


                      The porting of PrE and PrPro to Mac, has caused a few issues, as those mentioned above. For some "history," Premiere (precursor to PrPro, not PrElements) WAS X-platform, at least by about Premiere version 5.0 (my archives do not go back to before that version). With Premiere/Premiere Pro 7.0/PrPro 1.0 (really an odd version, with three possible names!!!!), there were ONLY PC versions, so that Premiere 6.5 was the last X-platform version, until PrPro CS 3, when Mac support was added back. This created a "hole" and that has bitten many Mac-users, hence that rec. to Open earlier Projects (the Project file extension also changed, as of PrPro 1.0) in a PC version of CS3 (that first PrPro to go X-platform). THEN, a Mac with PrPro, CS 3, or higher, should be able to handle things.


                      As PrE did not go to X-platform did not come about, until PrE 9, that leaves a big hole, just like with PrPro before CS 3.


                      I have also found that newer versions of PrE's Project files (PREL's), will not Open in older versions of PrPro, for example, my PrPro 2.0 (PC only) will not Open PrE 7, 8, 9 or 10 PREL's.


                      Hoever, my PrPro (PC only) will Open older Premiere Projects from the Mac days, with those same exceptions, listed above. I have worked with many Pr 6.5 Mac Projects in my PrPro 2.0 (PC only), and each worked almost perfectly, with those same exceptions, but even then, PrPro 2.0 is cool, and tells me which Transition, or Effect is not available, and even gives me the name of it, plus the TimeCode, where it's located. In my case, I just replaced a 3rd party, or Mac-only Transition, or Effect, with one in my PC-only PrPro 2.0. Neat eh?


                      It is convoluted, especially as there were times, when both PrE and PrPro were PC-only. Add in several fairly major changes in the Project files from PrE 2.0 through PrE 4.0, and then the old Premiere to PrPro, and you have a real can-o-worms! And, that does NOT take into considerations changes/additions/deletions of some Transitions, Effects, and things like Instant Movies/Themes.


                      Now, one possible solution would be to use PrE 4.0 (or later) on a PC, to Export/Share the Timeline to MOV, say with the Animation CODEC (think that is a possibility with QT - might need QT Pro? loaded), and Import that MOV into PrPro on the Mac. If I were doing that, I would edit either very loosely, with no Transitions, so I could edit tightly in PrPro, or edit VERY tightly, knowing that changing things like Transitions would have issues. However, one would need PrE 4.0 (or later) ON a PC. Judging from one of your questions, it appears that the PC with PrE 4.0 is no longer available, so the comment above is probably moot in your case.


                      Most of all, good luck, and hope that you can find the person, that you need, to help you get things mostly into your PrPro.