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    CC Ball title

    timber cub

      Hi all,


      I'm trying to create titles in a video using CC Ball animation, so that out of no where small balls randomly grow and form a image, i have created the 3D image in photoshop fine, All i would like to know is there any tutorials that you may know of that does this to bring balls randomly out of no where to form a title (the image)?
      I really would like to have an electronic feel to the animation, maybe having a jittery/glitchy feel to it, do you know of ways to do this?

      Thanks all

      Timber Cub

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          bogiesan Level 4

          Ball Action is not going to do that for you without advanced techniques. Ball Action tends to explode objects rather than assemble them so you need to know how to build the effect, precomp it, and then run it backwards by time reversing the comp. Ball Action is not very subtle. When you change the ball size and gride spacing you don't get smooth transitions. It depends on  weirdly incomprehensible adjustments for twisting along different combinations of axes in varying degrees. You can spend hours (I have) playing with these and never make ay sense of them (I can't).


          I hope you will explore Ball Action, it's one of those great simulations that tends to get overlooked. But you may end up using Shatter and running it backwards using time reversal. Shatter's physics are deisnged to blow things up with explosive force so carefully ramping them to assemble something backwards is counterintuitive. I usually end up using both Forces to make that transition.


          Ball Action is featured in prescious few tutorials. All you can do is hit YouTube and Vimeo and carefully search the AE clips. There are better tutorials at the usual AE support sites but only a few and they tend to be specialized.


          Try to have fun with Ball Action.


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            Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            For a pretty decent tutorial on Ball Action, check out Motionworks! They've got an A-Z tutorial series and (if I remember correctly) their Ball Action one was pretty good.

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              bogiesan Level 4

              That is one of the better tutorials on this obscure filter. There used to be a good movie on the Cycore site, too, but I think it's long gone. Same with the original Final Effects VHS videos from Total Training, long gone.


              Thanks for posting the link!