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    InDesign causes unwanted double clicking


      This is a very weird problem that started a few weeks ago. My mouse started to act on its own, doing double clicks when I only did single click. First I thought the mouse (IntelliMouse Exp. 3.0) was broken and tried another mouse on my Mac, but the problem was still there. Also, the same mouse worked on a PC with no problems. So I reinstalled the drivers etc.. still, double clicks all over the place. Then my friend realised that the problem is only there if InDesign is open (he had the very same problem), even if it's in the background, so I tried shutting my InDesign, and that did it.. no more double clicks! The only problem is, I should be working with InDesign every day.. blaeh.


      Is this a common bug or what? I didn't find anything on Google anyway.


      Thanks in advance!


      - Tuukka

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          Mary Posner Level 3

          Does this happen when you have InDesign running in the background with no documents open? If it only happens when documents are open, is it specific documents, or does it do it on everything, including a completely new blank document? I've seen some buggy behavior if auto-activation is on and ID is trying to activate a font you don't have installed. I've never seen this specific problem before, but it might be worth taking a look at that.