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    Overprint spot colours

    Davis_XI Level 1

      I currently have a indesign file with around 300 leader lines set up in it. All the leader lines are set up in spot colour named 'Text black' and are set up as 100% K. Whenever i go to find and replace it comes back with an error saying nothing could be found and changes all leader lines to process black. The only way i have found to fix this issue is to create a new swatch from a defined pantone colour then delete my text black spot colour and replace with pantone colour. Once this is changed the find and replace works finding the pantone colour. I then have to change my pantone colour name back to text black.


      I should've pointed out early that i need to do a find and replace as all the leader lines are knocking out and i need them all to overprint.


      Many thanks

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          Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Why have you got a "Spot black"? Is that a 4 colour black?


          Just use the Black already in the swatches panel for all blacks, except where you need rich blacks, which is usually on solid blocks of colour, or a black behind a photo or image that has a black background (creating the same build of black as the image or picture).


          More info needed please

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            Davis_XI Level 1

            Sorry - should have been clearer.


            I have a 4 colour file with a spot colour called 'Text black'. We produce childrens books so set all our books up as 4 colour with all the text set up as a 5th colour (spot) so we can print different foreign editions.





            I should just point out that this is just a problem with strokes. When i perform a find and replace with the text this works fine.

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              Try this:


              make a copy of the default [Black] swatch and double-click it to open the swatch definition. Rename it to anything you like, then change the type to spot and click OK. THis swatch will not overprint by defualt the way the [Black] does, but you can do a GREP search for .+ to find all text, then set the change formatting to use the spot color for character color and check the overprint fill box. Even better would be to create styles that use the spot color and set the overprint directly in the style.

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                Davis_XI Level 1

                Thanks Peter for your help but i couldn't get it to work. For an example I created a blank new document and drew a simple line. I created a new swatch called text black and defined it as a spot colour and applied it to my line. Now I can't find a way of converting this line to overprint withing the find and change. I am going through the find and change option and changing it there - is this the best way. When i do a find and replace it changes my line to process black?


                Thanks again for your help!

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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  That looks like it might be a bug in Find/Change. I can work around this by creating an object style to apply the stroke with overprint, but unfortuantely you need one for every stroke weight you've used -- you can't, appaerntly, ignore weight and just turn on overprint in the style.