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    Working on my page, and everything always highlights in 'design' mode...whats up?


      I'm working on my webpage and learning as I go.  I am finding I am constantly resorting to clicking on the code view because every time  I click on anything in 'design' mode, the entire

      page highlights and doesn't allow me to clic on any individual divs or images.  Is there some setting that I accidently clicked on?  Also, I made one last adjustment to sizing for several divs

      on my page and now the 'content' div shows up below the 'sidebar' div in design mode, but when the file is saved and uploaded, it appears as it should in the browser.  It just makes it even

      more annoying to work on in Dreamweaver when things are not positioned like they should be.  Here is a link to my site.  It is just one basic page at this point.  Is there something in the code

      that would be causing these issues, or is it some setting in Dreamweaver itself that I should check on?  I appreciate the help.



      (lastly, since folks are looking,if any of the experienced designers see any major flaws in the site design at this point or suggestions I would certainly appreciate some feedback, THANKS   )