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    Animation Tween to HD Video

    Omar Saleh Level 1

      Hi, i am making animation tween for video

      is there a way to export it as AVI or any file type that support HD and get the same out put in SWF, i tried to export but the final output is very weak

      any suggestion

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          markerline Level 4

          I have tried something similar in the past.  When you use ActionScript for tweening you will generate tweens at Run-Time only and these are not accessible via an exported Quicktime MOV.  However if you can find a way to bake your animation from ActionScript into keyframes then you would be able to generate your desired result.  You could possibly record your playback with a screen-capturing software if the EULA allows for it and then have footage that is compatible with HD Video.

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            Omar Saleh Level 1

            thanks for you time, it is motion tween animation, there is no code at all

            do you mean i have to capture it as i am playing the swf file, i have to record it?

            but some time the animation it will not play somoothly as intended regarding to RAM issue or the screen is smaller than the HD

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              markerline Level 4

              In that case I would choose the best possible machine you can export the SWF to an MOV and test the playback of the MOV on that machine.  Since there is no code you should have no problems with your animation if you have a powerful enough machine for playback.  Even if you do not have an optimized machine, the SWF will export to MOV normally and once you get a good machine you will see normal playback or if you export your MOV using After Effects of Adobe Media Encoder to an h.264 mp4 file you will see normal playback on a DVD player or the screen of a tapeless video camera.