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    H264 Extension

    Barry Moyse

      Further to my question - Why won't a video clip with an H264 extension open in Premiere Elements 10?


      The clips are  produced  by my CCTV system.  The DVR produces the h264 clips which I can read with a Hyper Electronics Mapper/Hem Player.  I was also given a converter M4V2AVI version 1.0 to convert the clips to an AVI, but again the clips will not open in Prem. Elem. 10

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          PrE is designed to work with only certain file formats, and certain CODEC's, within certain formats. It has to know what it's looking for, and then find it in those wrappers.


          As a test, I would Copy one of those files to a working folder, and try changing the extension to .MP4, or MPEG, and test with those files.


          Re-wrapping H.264 into an AVI wrapper is likely to also fool PrE, as it expects certain CODEC's inside the AVI container. If the utiltiy only re-wraps, then it's likely that PrE will still have issues.


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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            I understand that this is a supplemental question to the other thread, but for continuity, it would have been better to just do a Reply in that one, and ask the question. It makes it easier for others to follow along, and most of the answers in each thread will relate to the other question too. Maybe Steve can combine the threads?


            Also, see this Adobe KB Article on Supported Devices and File Formats.


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              Barry Moyse Level 1

              Sorry Bill,

                  I couldn't see how to combine the questions



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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                For that, you could just have used the Reply, or Reply to Original Post button.


                Once the first person Replied to your OP (Original Post), you no longer had the opportunity to Edit it - same for Replies to one's Reply - that takes away the ability to go back and Edit.


                Our tireless MOD, Steve Grisetti, is the only one with a MOD console, to branch, or move threads, so it will up to him to do any housekeeping.


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