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    Embedded Video Question

    Jeff Bambrick

      I apologize for being new to the program, I have read through 14 pages of the forums with no help found.

      I am trying to use CP5 to generate a video for uploading to a web player.

      The powerpoint I am recording has embedded videos (hyperlinked).

      When I am recording the ppt using CP5, the videos open and play normally on my desktop, within the capture area.

      However, the video in not recorded in the CP5 slides.

      There is a frozen image of the first image in the video.


      I'm using CP5, Windows 7.


      I have tried all recording options (ie application or full screen).


      Can CP5 record videos within a ppt?

      If so, how???


      I appreciate any help.





      Jeff Bambrick

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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You do have the videos? Insert them in Captivate, either as slide video (controlled by the main playbar) or as FLV (has its proper playbar). Capturing a video of a video seems to me the right way to have a considerable decrease of quality, would not recommend that at all.


          You can import the Powerpoint as it is to have the static slides.