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    Not Using Entire Stage to display Video

    CBTOfficer Level 1

      Would someone please tell me: 1) If the following is possible, and 2) If possible - then how?  Using Captivate 5.0 in the Windows 7 environment.


      We have an optimized template that is 790 X 545 in size.  We would like to use only the left side of the page to display a 'training' recording of an application.  I, for the life of me, cannot figure out how to change the capture size of a video, or how to 'embed' such a capture.


      I know about starting a 'New' Record new Project, and I can (of course) dictate the size of that field.  These, though, cannot be copied into an existing project, and 'placed' where I choose. 


      Maybe this just cannot be done in Captivate.  It seems like a logical use of the screen capture facility.