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    Problem interfacing with older Flash files


      I have an interesting problem.  I have to create some new content using another contractor's Flash source files.  They are using Flash Pro 8.  I am using Flash 5.0.  They are also using XML and ".as" files to populate some Actionscript Actions and other content.  I took their root Flash file (the one that kicks everything else off) and did nothing but open it and run it in Preview.  My publishing settings are the same as theirs (ActionScript 2.0 and so on - except they specify a "Load order" of bottom up, and I do not have that selection in Flash 5.0).  Now one of their embedded MovieClips does not run 100%.  It is an interactive button and text field that launches demo movies.  When I run it as a swf, I can see the button and it launches the demo okay, but I cannot see the text in the published version.  I can see a spot for it (cursor changes to a hand) but not the actual text.  I can see the text when I look at the MovieClip but not published. It works okay in their environment.  The only reason I published it was because I changed the course title in an XML file and needed to get that change "included". Any ideas?  Could the load order have an effect?  Is there a way around that?