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    Adobe LiveCycle 9 - action builder removeinstance




      I am currently working on an adobe form that will do new hires, status changes and terminations.


      I want to utilize the repeating subforms capability for network drive and lotus notes database portions of the requests.


      this way they only need to add a subform for the required number of assets they are requesting.


      as easy as this is to use, i need to know if this is a capability or not....


      Using the action builder, I have a repeating subform on 1 page which is to gather the details, and another on another page which is the confirmation page, so the details will get added from thre previous page.  I have a remove button on the subform on the first page.


      this remove button, using the action building i have it set to remove current instance on the first page, but also set it to remove the current instance of the other repeating subform on the confirmation page.


      everything works fine except that it does not remove the instance of the other subform on the confirmation page.


      is this even possible with adobe?


      if not i need to device another way of collecting this data, which would probably be less appealing.


      Let me know if you can, anyone, please!