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    Video doesn't render?


      Hi there everyone,


      I'm using After Effects CS4.

      I made a video for my new song.

      Video consists of:

      -Picture for background

      -Tekst for artist name and song name

      -Audio Wave form for the audio.

      -Glow effects added to audio wave from.

      -Glow effects, 'CC Flo Motion' and 'Dissolve - Dither' preset added to tekst.


      Unfortunately, the video stops rendering after approx. 7 seconds.

      The first time it stopped i received multiple error message's but i forgot what they said.


      Anyone knows why it doesn't render?

      If you need more video details, just ask.


      Thank you for your help,


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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What are the details of the background image? Is it a still image or a video?


          When it stops now, there are no error messages?

          What happens if you reboot your computer and try again?

          We need to know what the error messages say, if there are any.


          What format and codec are you rendering it into?


          What file format is your audio file? If it's an mp3, transcode it into a WAV and then use that in your AE comp.

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            DjApollyx Level 1

            Hi again,


            For some reason he did render this time.

            All i did was remove a blank-solid layer that was beneath the picture and suddenly everything worked.

            Thanks anyway,