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    Windowed stage jumping between movie files

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      OK, I’ve been in Flash land for a few years now and it seems I’ve forgotten the basics…


      I’m revising an old Director project that links between multiple movies. If the stage window is moved by the user, when the projector loads a new movie there is a brief flash of the stage in the center of the monitor before it can be correctly positioned.


      The stub projector is set to “Centered” and “Run in a Window”.

      Within the stub I have the following:


      global gStageRect

      gStageRect = (the stage).rect


      I have the following two behaviors in a shared cast linked to all movie files:


      on prepareMovie  

           global gStageRect  

           (the stage).rect = gStageRect



      on moveWindow  

           global gStageRect  

           if the frame > 0 then    

                gStageRect = (the stage).rect  

           end if



      As I mentioned, when jumping from one movie to the next the stage will briefly flash centered in the monitor before the prepareMovie script puts it back where it belongs. Is there an earlier event than prepareMovie that has access to the stage rect?