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    Let Users Annotate A PDF In Browser And Save To Server?


      I started this discussion here.


      I have a bunch of PDF documents.  I want users to be able to make annotations in their browser, and save them back to my server.


      If I use Acrobat X Pro and click on "Send For Shared Review", then it behaves the way I want.  However, I don't want to have to manually open Acrobat every time for each file.


      Unfortunately, the Acrobat X SDK doesn't support this feature.


      I heard that there's another way to do this with FDF files and LiveCycle.  Is that right?  How do I do that?


      What I want is very simple.  I want to write a program that will:


      - Take a pdf file from my server.

      - Enable the users to make annotations in their browser, as if I used "Send For Shared Review"

      - Save the annotations back to my server.

      - Merge the annotations into a new PDF document.


      I can do this with Acrobat via the GUI.  I want to write a program that does if for me.  Can I do this with LiveCycle?