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    Preloader % Not Working


      Ok, so I have Auto Play checked. I have Preloader checked. And I have Preloader% set to 10.


      My swf file is about 80MB, and I have click boxes scattered throughout the project that link back to the main menu.


      We're serving the project from our customer portal that's based on SharePoint. I've used both the .swf and .htm files to load the project, and both take about 4 minutes to load.


      Our customers don't like how this is working. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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          RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Even if your preloader IS set to 10% that means the end users have to download about 8 megabytes of content before they'll see anything.


          My suggestion is that you should NOT have your project set up as a single large file.  You should be breaking it up into smaller modules, each of which will then load quite quickly.  You will have far fewer playback and loading issues with such a strategy.