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    Exporting books in epub format

    AntsTuur Level 2



      is there anyone, who is producing design heavy ebooks in epub format ott of Indesign cs55?


      OMG. IMHO the whole export filter is one bog software bug!

      The output code is mess. In CSS it mixes different measurement units, it losts object tags, and creates a whole lot of is own generated tags when exporting long docuqments organized as InDesign books.


      Do you know, is there any alternative to Adobes own epub export? Or how to use CS50 epub export in CS55?


      Ants Tuur

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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

          "Design heavy ebook" sound like an oxymoron to me...


          I have no problems with standard works containing tables, figures, and heavily formatted text.

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            [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

            No no no not an oxymoron, I meant "contradiction"!


            For anything design-heavy you might prefer DPS.

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              AntsTuur Level 2

              Yes. Maybe i expressed myself wrong. For producing coffe table books, the DPS is the best.

              What i am doing is producing textbooks and other books full of images and tables.

              I am totally baffled with the amount of bugs Adobe new epub export script includes. I mean -- I got the book with a lot of content and therefore split to several ID files compiled to the book. Whwn i expirt that book, the same tag from different files got his own name: body-1, body-2, body-3, etc. How to overcome it?

              And there i a lot od this kind of bugs.

              The CSS in epub is the mess.


              Im i realy the olny one, who got those problems?



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                wjnp2000 Level 2



                I work with many books with several pages, tables and figs too in InDesign CS5.5.

                First, you have to centralize your styles in InDesign.

                Choose one file and make your all styles "Based on" with "[Basic Paragraph]", edit your Basic Paragraph to make similar with your body text, note that when do this, the style will lost the changes done, so verify what each style do. Its a big work.

                After this, if you use a book its just Syncronize the styles.

                After, make your text to default of each style but will create many tags again.

                For each style changed in the text will create one tag.



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                  BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  Even better would be to map your styles to tags and write your own CSS.


                  Whether this is doable depends on your level of expertise with HTML/CSS and the complexity of the document.



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                    AntsTuur Level 2

                    Yes, Bob. I have an expertise in CSS. That's why i do tune CSS manually. And therefore i am angry on the mess, the ID epub filter produces.

                    I tried to fill bug report, but there are so many bugs (IMHO of cousre), that i can not decide on which to begin.

                    I am also on DPS forum. There are a lot of noise about the DPS bugs.

                    But i can not find much about epub export problems here.

                    Maybe nobody just don't use ID to produce books in epub format? Is there a better alternative to Indesign?