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    mobile IconItemRenderer broken for iconFields?


      I have a mobile application needing IconItemRenderer to list a bunch of lines,

      each with their own icon (depending on some item state), which is exactly what IconItemRenderer is designed for.


      1) in the itemRenderer, i can define a right-hand decorator icon (but it is always the same for every line):


      - -  that works in desktop and Mobile application

      2) I can add dataProvider items to the list, defining thier *individual* left-hand icon and label:

                    myCollection.addItem( {"name":"someText" ,"image":"@Embed(source='icons/xyz.png')" } );


      -- that displays properly in desktop SWT *if* the icon is


      -- but *not* if the icon is


      -- and no format works for mobile SWT


      3a) i found an adobe help example, but all it has for mobile IconItemRenderer is DECORATORS

      http://help.adobe.com/en_US/flex/using/WSc2368ca491e3ff92-1483ec4a12136246e76-8000.html#WS 77c1dbb1bd80d3836663fb6012af31eb8a5-8000

      -- conspicuous by its absence is setting the icon field, which is fundamentally why one would use the IconItemRenderer.


      WHAT GIVES?  does adobe know that this function is broken?

      How do i get the Item Icons defined and embedded into a MOBILE SWT ??

      - I am using production Flex SDK 4.5.1, and AIR 3.1 on Windows and Android



      4) *if* i store my list items in a static definition, the icons display correctly on mobile+desktop:

        <s:dataProvider> <s:ArrayList>

            <fx:Object name="aaa bbb" image="@Embed('icons/ON.gif')" />

            <fx:Object name="ccc ddd" image="@Embed('icons/OFF.gif')" />

         </s:ArrayList> </s:dataProvider>

      5) but as noted above, in the real world i need to dynamically build the list contents and *the* it does not work

           myDataCollection.addItem( { "name" : "eee fff", "image : "@Embed('icons/ON.gif')" } );

           myDataCollection.addItem( { "name" : "ggg hhh", "image : "@Embed('icons/ON.gif')" } );


      The *only* way to get the mobile icon to work, also mantains desktop icon working:


           public var onImgCls:Class;


           var icn:Class = offImgCls;

           myDataColl.addItem( {"name":line.substr(0,99), "image":icn} );