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    Acrobat Scripting to call Salesforce Web Service API

    Jacky Uy

      We have this requirement where we need to send a flatten PDF to Salesforce as well as update an associated record in Salesforce not using a 3rd party script as a middleware.. strictly from filling out a PDF and clicking a button, to updating the record in Salesforce plus attaching the flat PDF file with signature..


      The PDF fillable form, however, is embedded in an HTML page.. not sure if that would cause another problem..


      Anybody who has experienced having the same, if not, a similar requirement?


      Any valuable inputs would be much appreciated.. ^_^



      UPDATE : 12/09/2011



      i was able to connect to Salesforce by calling the following method:




      however, when i try loggin in using the Salesforce API, it keeps giving me an error that i have the wrong password or user locked out - which really isn't the case..


      i have doubled & tripled checked my username, password + security token with no luck.


      i've even added my IP to the Trusted IPs in Salesforce and still with no luck..


      Any help would be very much appreciated! ^_^


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          I was wondering if you have been able to establish the connection with SFDC. I have exactly the same requirement but i am stuck on how to do it. I downloaded the Enterprise WSDL file but irrespective on how i try to call any methods (.connect or .request) the request failed. Of course, i put my token in front of my password before a call.


          Thanks in advance if someone have experience around this topic,