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    Need help configuring PP CS5.5 for multichannel audio playback using M-Audio 1010LT Card


      I have been banging my head against the wall trying to use my M-audio 1010lt sound card output channels to playback sequence multichannel audio in Premiere Pro CS 5.5.   It works great in Audition CS 5.5, but not in PP!  I am probably missing something simple in the setup.  I have configured the sequence audio master for 5.1.  Selected M-Audio Delta ASIO in Preferences Audio Hardware, set the Audio Output Matching as shown here:

      Audio Output Mapping.PNG

      Here is a shot of the sequence display showing the Dolby Digital channels and the 5.1 audio channels in the master audio levels display on the right side:



      When I use similar audio settings in Audition CS 5.5 the same Dolby Digital audio track plays back through my 1010LT output channels perfectly.


      What am I missing in the Premiere Pro setup!