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    Breadcrumbs Behavior in RH8 and RH9




      I hope that this has not been posted before anywhere in these forums, if it has, my apologies.


      We are currently using RoboHelp 8, but the behavior seems to be identical in 9.


      I was curious if anyone else has noticed this, whether it has caused any issues for your users and have you come up with any workarounds.


      Here are the details:


      Lets say that we have a Project in RooboHelp which consists of multiple folders, each with multiple topics.


      Project: Test Project 1


      Quick Reference Index - Yes (exists)


      Policy (Folder):

      • Policy Topic 1
      • Policy Topic 2
      • Policy Topic 3


      Procedures (Folder):

      • Procedures Topic 1
      • Procedures Topic 2
      • Procedures Topic 3



      Just for this example, lets say that we have a user that is looking at "Policy Topic 3". They are done reading it and now want to go to "Policy Topic 2", using the breadcrumbs.

      The breadcrumbs would look like this Home -> Policy -> Policy Topic 3


      By instinct, the user clicks on "Policy", hoping that they will see a list of all the topics within Policy and they can quickly navigate to "Policy Topic 2". Unfortunately, each time they press on "Policy", the tool takes them automatically to the 1st topic under Policy, i.e. "Policy Topic 1".


      In general, there seems to be a very logical explanation for this behavior, since the tool is designed in such a way that when a user clicks on any of the folders ("Policy" in this case), there's nothing to be displayed.


      As you can imagine, this jumping from topic to topic can lead to some confusion and frustration for the end users, to the point where we have disabled it for most of our documents, thus focusing the users to use to search, use the table of contents or the Index.


      Has anyone else noticed this and have you been to find a way to make the breadcrumbs' behaviour more accurate?



      Thank you in advance