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    FW8: function to trigger Restore Selection dialog?

    groove25 Level 4

      I'm working on a command script in Fireworks 8 and wondering: Is there a document function that will trigger the Restore Selection dialog?


      This would be the dialog box that appears in the application when choosing "Select > Restore Bitmap Selection...". It offers options for replacing, adding, subtracting, or intersecting a saved selection with a current, active bitmap selection. Surprisingly, the function "dom.restoreSelection()" does not invoke this dialog box; it offers no "ask user" argument option. Instead, it seems to be the command that's triggered within the application after a user has responded to the initial Restore Selection dialog.


      Incidentally, I'm also looking for a function that will load the alpha channel of a selected object (or element mask) as a bitmap selection. In the application interface, this would be analogous to option-clicking the object or element mask thumbnail (in the layers panel).