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    Reader X - won't install


      I'm faced with installing Reader X on a number of Win7-WinXP dual boot machines. I've tried installing from both the AdbeRdr10_10.exe and the AdbeRdr10_10.msi without success. Both start but crash out with the message "...Documenten is een ongeldige korte bestandsnaam" (...Documents is an invalid short filename). Reader X installs perfectly on the Win7 systems.


      Win XP is 32-bit fully updated and loaded with MSE as viruschecker. There is no folder or file named Documents on the pc ("My Documents" is the nearest match). I've uninstalled Reader 9.3 from all pc's using revouninstaller, but am still left with non-deletable Identity-H and Identity-V files in the C:\Program Files\Reader 9\Resource\CMap folder; could these be blocking the install? Reader 9.3 gives the same error when I try to reinstall. I've also tried cleaning the registry using RegClean to no effect.


      I've been playing with this on and off for the last month and am now desperate. Help....