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    Data type package namespace changed when delete and add operation in web service


      I am using Flash Builder 4.5 and connecting to a soap web service using a wsdl definition for my project.  I have no issues on adding a new web method or refreshing an existing one.  However, when I delete an existing web method and re-add it back, the data type package namespace for all value object classes of this method is changed to my project name even though I have specified a different namespace for Data Type Package when I connect to Data/Service the first time.


      For example, I have a flex project called "myFlexProject".  I specified "com.mycompany.myproject.webservices.myservice.valueobjects" for Data Type Package in the Web Service Properties window.  The value object classes are auto-generated with "com.mycompany.myproject.webservices.myservice.valueobjects" package namespace.  After deleting and removing an existing web method, the package namespace for value object classes for this method are changed from "com.mycompany.myproject.webservices.myservice.valueobjects" to "myFlexProject".


      Does anyone have the same problem like this?  Any help would be greatly appreciated!