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    Uneducated people are bringing the end to Flash


      Hi all I just want to see how the rest of the Developers feel about the sentiment against Flash lately. It seems every Apple device owner has something against Flash. Obviously because they have no clue what they're talking about. And let's face it there are a boatload of Apple device owners and more every day. They do have an influence. And it seems to be making a difference. I've been a Flash LOVER since Flash 4. And fell in love with it's design tools and what I could produce. When I get into the groove when designing my Flash projects I really get into the zone and am only limited by my imagination. It's so much fun. And even more satisfying knowing the amount of people it can touch.


      Now, it seems, things are changing. And I'm wondering why? I hope this doesn't get deleted as I might say some negative things against Adobe. When Flash was owned by Macromedia it seemed as if it was under the control of a small artistic minded company. When Adobe bought it I was quite worried. And overall in the years they did own it I felt it wasn't treated the way it should have been. Maybe I'm totally wrong but why are we at where we are now? No more mobile Flash support? Mobile devices are where it's at today. Is HTML 5 that much better? I don't think so. As Developers I think we all know that proprietary technology produces the best development tools and usually the best product. So this whole open source crap ain't flying with me. Was there some personal vendetta against some Adobe exec that Steve Jobs had? Why didn't Adobe tweak Flash to run better to satisfy Steve? Was it not possible? I don't believe it. HTML 5 is going to run into the same issues once developers start creating HEAVY media intensive projects. Also I think the video "codec" side of it was its kiss of death. It seems all the iOS users only care about what is fed to them. Apps and videos. And since videos are the only one integrated in the browser they have a major problem.


      Why did Adobe let this happen? I think they could have done a lot more to save it. Do they not want to? Do they feel they are solid enough in every other platform? They better not get too confident I say.  I feel Adobe almost doesn't care since they have a lot of other products like PDF and what not. Lucky for them. I feel if Flash was still owned by Macromedia they would have done A LOT more to make sure it survived.


      Now I have tried the new Google plugin for CS5 that converts projects to HTML5. It's not perfect and A LOT of browsers in the world still don't support it(HTML 5). It's a shame the video codec ruined it for the interactive vector animation side. What the hell I say. What happend to my beloved Flash?