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    Fonts not showing in inDesign


      A am using (in two different offices) Extensis Fusion 3 and Universal Type Server 3 (UTS) and both are having the same issue. I am on Windows 7, 64bit with Adobe CS5 with Adobe font collection. All licenced and legit versions.


      This issue has been happening for a couple years and I have finally had enough and need it resolved. Computers have come and gone, fresh installs etc etc but we are still having the same issues.


      Randomly sometimes Indesign is not showing activated fonts in indesign. This usually happens with Helvetica Neue Light 45 for some reason but can happen to other fonts, usually the ones we need at the time.


      The most recent case is that we cannot get the fonts we need (although activated) and we can see other fonts that are not activated?


      Has anyone experienced this before?