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    Media coder cs5 field order

    johng12345 Level 1


      I am using both DSLR 720p60 and HDV 1080(60i) footage in the same sequence. I am trying to get the best possible export to DVD. I need help with a few issues...

      I have a sequence with mostly HDV footage and a little DSLR footage at the beginning.

      In the PP manual it states that to get the best export file quality not to change any of the settings from what the sequences are originally set to when setting up a new project.  I set the DSLR footage in a sequence with the DSLR 60 preset. Nested that sequence in a HDV sequence. PP CS5 should handle this footage natively. One question is how does PP interpret each kind of footage. Does PP convert the DSLR footage to 60i or does PP leave it as square aspect ratio? In media encoder I am setting most all options to Automatic(same as Source). I noticed that premiere pro is showing an output setting of 720x480 Upper field first using the MPEG2-DVD preset. See my confusion, when I think the DVD format is supposed to be Lower field first. Is this correct? Should I leave it as upper field first or force media coder to convert it to lower field first or should I use non( progressive)? In Encore the mpeg2 file is showing as an aspect ratio of square I believe.  If this is correct should I interpret the footage in Encore as NTSC Widescreen or leave it a square?

      If anyone knows of any good articles I would love to understand better how PP CS5 interprets and handles each different kind of footage.




      John Gerard