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    Relinking no longer auto-selects the file

    GoaliGrlTilDeath Level 1

      I've noticed something since upgrading to CS 5.5 that has created a minor inconvenience for me, and I was wondering if it was a preference I can change.


      Previously, if you open an InDesign document that had missing links, you could click "relink", navigate to the correct folder, and voilà! it would find the file inside that folder and select it for you. This was immensely handy when you had a folder with several hundred files and yours happened to be named something that was somewhere in the middle. Now, with CS 5.5, you can navigate to the correct folder but then you have to manually find the file and select it yourself.


      I know it probably sounds like I'm being a whiny baby about this, and I probably am, but I'd really like to get this function back if possible. We have hundreds of thousands of images that are 'organized' by someone who is organizationally challenged, so we have folders with several thousands of photos, all named IMG_XXXXX. Finding IMG_51728 when the list goes from IMG_00230 to IMG_91748 can be a serious headache.


      As a thought, though, this may be a Lion-based problem and not an InDesign problem, as Lion does not allow me to perform finder searches on external hard drives that aren't formatted to it's liking, and reformatting these drives are not an option. However I also run into this problem with files linked on my hard drive as well as externals.


      Anyone know if there's a fix?



      For the record, I'm using InDesign CS5.5 on a MacBook Pro, running OSX 10.7.2

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