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    Can't open views in design mode any more


      I know I've messed up something with the switch in SDK's but I don't really understand what to do about it.  I'm using FB 4.5.1 to develop a mobile app.  I added the osmf.swc to the project and then updated my sdk to use AIR 3.1.  The project runs fine, but now when I try to look at a view in design mode, it says "This component is based on view, which is not supported in design mode.  Switch to source mode to edit it.  If I click my design mode problem icon, it says:


      D:\Data\Flex4\osmf\framework\OSMF\bin\OSMF.swc- DesignAssetLoader.CompleteTimeoutSWC file failed to load. Any component dependent on this SWC file will not be displayed in the Design Mode.The SWC may have failed to load because of: *  Incompatible definitions caused by usage of a different SDK version *  Missing referred class definitions.


      This message comes up in ALL my views and only one uses the osmf sprite.  I guess it's because the .swc is linked to the project. 


      Anyway, the first problem it flagged (Incompatible definitions) made me think that if I took the .swc out and used the osmf source it would sort out any differences between the compiled swc and my sdk... but no luck.  So, does anyone know what I did wrong?.. didn't do right?.. how to fix my mess?  Thanks for any help!