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    Can I retrieve deleted topics?


      I am the primary author and publisher on a fairly large RoboHelp project. We are using RoboHelp HTML v5.0 and Microsoft SourceSafe version control. I have six additional authors who update various folders within the project on a regular basis. I just discovered today that eight folders within the project have disappeared. The corresponding books in the TOC are still present but all of the topics within the books show as deleted (red x over icon). First, I really don't know how this happened. The affected books are updated by several different authors. If the affected books were "owned" by one person I could assume that person made a boo boo, but three people all deleting numerous topics in the same week seems highly unlikely. In this case we are talking about close to three hundred topics spread among eight books. When I look at the project folder using my computers "Explore" window, all of the files are in tact. Can I get these deleted topic files back into my project? If so, HOW??


      The ironic part is that my team has been asking for a software upgrade for RoboHelp for several years and now we may have a big problem.


      Thanks for any assistance you can give.


      Sallie Leo