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    Display Color Management Simulated Rec709 differs from ProRes Output


      Okay. I've read the Adobe white paper on proper Color Management workflow about a dozen times now, and I'm still getting some inconsistencies in my render outputs.


      DPX footage assigned a Kodak 5218/7218 Profile

      Project Settings: ProPhoto RGB

      Linearized Working Space

      Match Legacy AE QT Gamma Adjustments

      Output Profile: HDTV (Rec. 709)

      I'm outputting to a ProRes 4444 file.


      My problem arises from using the Simulate Output>Rec709 option in AE. I cannot get the output to look like this simulated color. Isn't that supposed to work?


      I can match the output to AE when I turn off Color Management and apply a Color Profile Converter effect, but there is a shift in color when viewing Simulated Color vs. using the Color Converter Effect. Even in AE the Converter Effect looks different than Simulated Color.


      I was under the impression that the point of the Simulated Output and Display Color Management options were to avoid having to do this. Should I change my workflow and just use the Converter Effect on all my comps? Or do I have a setting wrong somewhere? Has anyone else come across a discrepancy like this?