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    Namespace causing problems in ArrayCollection



      I am a real novice so please be patient with me...


      I am using HTTPService to retrieve an XML formatted resultSet. The resultset includes namespaces which, when inserted into an ArrayCollection (for display in a DataGrid), prohibit me from accessing certain Object attributes.


      The XML returned:


      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

      <result xmlns:l="http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink" xmlns:x="http://www.topicmaps.org/xtm/1.0/">








            <x:topicRef l:href="file:/Users/xxx/Development/Servers/ontopia-5.1.3/apache-tomcat/webapps/omnigator /WEB-INF/topicmaps/ItalianOpera.ltm#Aria"/>






            <x:subjectIndicatorRef l:href="http://psi.ontopedia.net/Opera"/>




      I can easily access value[0] without issues, but then I try and extract the href from value[1] I get an error when I debug


      event.itemRenderer.data.value[1].subjectIndicatorRef.l:href = <errors during evaluation>

      [Compiler] Error #1084: Syntax error: expecting rightparen before colon



      The namespace 'l' along with the colon is the variable name. How can I either remove the namespace or reference the href variable without the colon being a problem?


      I apologize if this is a problem I've created myself by using an ArrayCollection rather than some other XML type object but when I did that I couldn't access the value using square brackets [] in my dataProvider/DataGrid


      Thank you for any advice.