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    ID 5.5 Interact. PDF, cannot remove white background for Multi-States and buttons.




      I am working on an Interactive PDF Portfolio document. The problem I have is with Multi-State object feature with several buttons going to states that need to be exported as a SWF and imported back into InDesign 5.5. See, the background of my entire doc. is GREY, but when I import the SWF (as directed in Lynda.com videos correctly) and export the entire doc as Interactive PDF and view it in Adobe Acrobat Pro (version 10.1.1) is when all the trouble starts.

      When I try to get rid of the WHITE background around the Multi-State objects and the buttons for them (using Select Object Tool and then control+click on it to change the Properties to Transparent Background Appearance) it does not change, even when I go forward and backward to the page.


      Does the option of removing white background and making it transparent work only for Animation, but not Multi-State feature with buttons?

      Can anyone suggest any other tecnique to create a nice slide show that works in Interactive PDF in ID CS5.5? Please..



      in need of help,