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    Transparent Color for web?

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      I am created a table based website & backgound have a image. I am put white color . i want a transparent white color how can i do?

      My web page is attached for your reference


      Manoj test.jpg

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          manojb05 Level 1

          thanks ken for your reply. i am using table based layout how can possible for table. ur link is talk to div based

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            bemdesign Level 4

            In your favorite image editor, create a small (2px by 2px) image and adjust the opacity to the desired amount. Save this image as a 24-bit PNG file with the alpha transparency saved. Put theis image into your site's image folder.


            Then in your stylesheet or styles, add the following CSS code:



            background:  transparent url("path/to/image.png") repeat;



            Then in your HTML, locate the table cell you want to apply this "transparent" background image to, and add the CSS class - it should look something like:


            <td class="transparentTable">




            How this code works:

            We created a semi-transparent PNG image and we use the CSS background image attribute to show it on the selected class called "transparentTable". We tell the browser to also repeat that background image across the entire width/height of the HTML element (in this case your table cell - <td></td>) with the appropriate class. By using the keyword "transparent" for the background-color attribute, we tell browser's to render the background-color as transparent - this allows our background image to become the sole "background" for this particular CSS class.



            Transparent PNGs are not supported by IE 6 or lower. IE 7 has issues with transparent PNGs that are repeated as a CSS background.

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              manojb05 Level 1

              thanks bemdesign, awesome man. u r dreamwever maestro.