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    External Monitor for HD workflow in Premiere Pro 5.5 Windows

    Alvaro Calandra Level 1

      I´m looking in the Adobe forums for information about previewing HD video from Premiere to an external monitor, and the only options I´ve found is either connect the camera or use SD via 1394.

      Some years ago I used to have a Matrox card RT.X2 with breakout box that had a 1440x1080 output with limitations, and then changed to Nvidia Quadro in CS5, much better performance with CUDA, but I lost the possibility of seeing the content of the program monitor in the external Monitor.

      I guess there must be somebody selling cards for this purpose, I´ve seen comments (AJA, Matrox, etc) but there all seem to have lots of problems, so I´d like to know if anybody has succeded in joining Quadro 4000 to another piece of hardware that works on Windows


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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          If you have one monitor for editing, then you can use the second monitor connection on your video card to steer the second monitor.


          If you use a dual monitor setup and need previews on a third monitor, you can use one of the following options:


          1. A second video card that uses the same driver as your primary video card.

          2. A third party option like Black Magic Intensity or Matrox, but usually their drivers cause some problems.

          3. Limit yourself to SD quality and feed the third monitor over firewire.

          4. Forget about hardware MPE and use an ATI Eyefinity card.


          nVidia cards may have three connectors at the back, but ONLY two can be active at the same time. From that perspective option 1 is the least troublesome.