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    InDesign "Error 2" message

    Bknjholl Level 1

      I found this message popping up AFTER I tried to close a file this morning: Could not complete your request because of a database error. The File "InDesign Defaults" is damaged (Error Code: 2)


      I'm able to open the file and save it.  When I close the file, I get the above message.  So far I haven't lost anything but I'm worrying... any thoughts?


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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Do three things before you do anything else. First, in Finder or Explorer  make a copy of the file for backup. Second, export the file to .inx in CS4 or earlier, or .idml in CS5 or later. Third, do a Save AS to a new file name. OK a fourth thing, but it's not so time critical, Open the .inx/.idml and do a Save As to yet another file name.


          See if either of the new files continues to generate the error. If not, that's the file to use. If they both generate an error, try moving the pages from the problem file into a new file, save with a new name, and test that. If that still fails, go page by page and Copy/Paste In Place on pages in a new file and test again.

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            chelseac8874323 Level 1

            Hi Peter,


            thanks for the reply. Ive done all those things, when i do, the error might not appear for the first few saves with the new file but then it appears and i can't save to the server again. As i'm working continually on 300 odd page catalogues i can't afford to always make a new file.


            It won't even let me do a 'save as' to a different name.

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              Make sure you have installed the latest patch for ID.

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                Adam12345 Level 1

                Hi Chelsea,

                I've had that message when trying to save but lost connection to server where the file was originally saved. On Illustrator it looks like a lag plus when I click on anything - whole AI window fades with white (I'm on Windows). I guess there are short intervals when connection is lost and then software gives these error messages or gets frozen. I can just wait until connection comes back again or - sometimes I can do that - save just locally on C and copy the file later to the server.


                Kind regards,


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                  Winterbloesem Level 1

                  I have the same problem, it seems to appear when I move the file to another folder while it is opened. When I place it back in the original folder, I can save it.


                  Since this problem didn't appear in the pervious version, I consider it as a bug... hope it will be fixed soon.

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                    Tal Donaldson Level 1

                    Thx Winterbloesem. I had the exact same issue, and your solution worked for me.