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    busy cursor - two cursors displayed over the TextField


      Hi all,


      first I describe the situation. When busy cursor is activated in Flex application, when the service is loading data from backend, then the clock or whatever you set can be displayed instead of the mouse arrow icon. But when you are over the TextField, then the busy cursor is displayed and over the busy cursor the additional "text input cursor" is displayed.


      1) Is it possible to get rid of that "text cursor" in the case when busy cursor is activated ? That means show only busy cursor like in other cases.

      2) Is it possible to override CursorManager ? As I did not found any events in the interface.


      Or what could be the solution to this ?


      I did not found any solution like this anywhere. I know how to set my own icon to the cursor, how to start and stop busy cursor manually. But how to override adding the text cursor to the scene only for the case when busy cursor is started and the Service is loading the items from backend and you are over some text component?