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    local connection help


      Hi I have set up a localconnection comm betwean c++ and flash. I'm abble to send text boths ways no torubles. I want to send some data and I think this is limited? I changed the message length from one byte to the size of my data and I get acces violatoins. Is there a size limit?


      for exmaple

      memSize = sizeof( get.plane_addr[0]);

              //memSize =  (int)malloc( get.res.w *  get.res.h * 3 * sizeof(char));

      sprintf(handshakeMessage,"0,0,0,%s", get.plane_addr[0]);


      The data here is a bit Image that i'd like to send to flash. Is this even posible.



      Memory format

        Some facts:

      • The header is 16 bytes,

      • The message can be up to 40Ko,

      • The listeners block starts at 40Ko+16 = 40976 bytes,

      • To add a listener, simply append its name in the listeners list (null terminated strings)



      So I guess that is part of the issue. I'm guessing I can't just send a "pointer" to flash as it does not reallt know what a pointer is huh?