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    Export problems for CS5


      So I have started editing in HD for the first time, and am really having a hard time importing files and exporting with the right codec.  I am using a Mac.


      Importing problem - I am shooting on a Canon XA10 at 1440 x 1080, but the only way I could see the files was as a MTS file - I had to import them all the be able to make an EDL.  This is more of a Canon question, but if anyone has suggestions please let me know.


      So I put my 1440 x 1080 files into the following sequence : Canon XF MPEG2 > Canon XF MPEG2 1080i30 (60) giving me 1920 x 1080 progressive resolution, 29.97 fps.  Everything looked and sounded good.


      When I go to export, what codec should I use to retain the quality?  I can't seem to match the 1920x1080 resolution, so everything is stretched.  I tried the Quicktime format and used the H.264, but got mis-proportioned video.  I tried to manually change the export ration to match 1920x1080, but still came out mis-proportioned.


      Ideas?  Thanks!


      Mike VP