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    Maximum Length of 900 Bytes




      I wanted to know if anyone has experience a stalled error message stating: "A non-retryable Exception has occurred: Operation failed. The index entry of length 1058 bytes for the index 'ix_80' exceeds the maximum length of 900 bytes." I experienced this error while I was testing and I thought I temporarily resolved the issue by putting the variable in a substring and limiting the number of characters. We imported our form to the PROD server last night and I am getting the stalled error message mention above. Also it is stalling at one process of the form.


      On the Task Instructions e-mail I have instructions and two variables populating from the form.


      How do you correct this problem of too many bytes?


      Thank you,


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          We have faced the similar issue due to large number of characters in the

          Task Instruction. After trimming the instructions, this issue was fixed.


          You should note that the UNICODE characters in Task Instructions (e.g

          Arabic text) will occupy double space that of the ASCII characters.