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    Audio files lost

      I have just updated to Presenter 7 and had imported mp3 audio files to the audio assets folder. I then synchronised the audio with the presentation. After I closed the presentation and re-opened it, I attempted to synchronise some further slides, but a message appeared saying the audio files could not be found. I have done nothing in the meantime - I haven't saved the file with a new name or changed the location - however, when I direct Presenter to the folder containing the audio files, it will not allow me to attach them to the presentation.
      I've also noticed that when editing the audio files (before they were lost!), the marker seems to move behind the actual audio that is playing - e.g. the marker moves over a second of silence but the audio plays a second or so ahead of this. When I try to edit the audio files, I remove what looks like a breath but the beginning of the following sentence is removed.
      This is causing real problems - I have some strict deadlines and files that were all but complete other than a few minor tweaks - but things have now gone decidedly pear shaped. To make matters worse, when I tried to remove Presenter 7 to revert to Presenter 6, the uninstall program removed both files, so I now don't have the option of using Presenter 6 as I no longer have the install file for it. Any assistance would be very much appreciated!
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          catholicon Level 1
          I guess you would have access to some Adobe Connect 6 server. If yes, then you can visit <your connect 6 server URL>/common/help/en/support/downloads.htm.

          This page would have Presenter download link as well.
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            I have been having this same problem too on multiple presentations using both PP2003 and PP2007. From what I have determined it seems that whenever I import the script , either while recording or syncing, when I later go to publish or use another option from the Adobe Presenter menu (sync, import video, settings, etc.) PowerPoint crashes and deletes the Media.pptx file. The message comes up about finding the Media.pptx file, and when you browse it shows the file being in the folder. But if you actually go to that folder in Windows the file is gone. The audio is still there in the Audio foler, but the Media.pptx file is gone. I have resolved to never import the script and I have had pretty good luck, but this appears to be a MAJOR issue and I hope it can get resolved soon.
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              catholicon Level 1
              I couldn't reproduce any of the problems mentioned above. It would be great if I can get hold of the presentation and asset files that you guys were working on.