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    Combo box and PopUpWIndow.

    xrum Level 2

      i want to pop a window, if a "New" is selected in the combobox.

      the pop up window, will have an OK and CANCEL buttons. if okay is seleted, i want the combo value to stay as "new", if it's canceled, i need it to go back to what it was before.

      i can't figure out how to do it. After i drop down to "new", and cancel, it stays "new" (in the combobox) instead of going back to previous value.

      any help would be appreciated.

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          John Hall Level 4
          What I do with that kind of thing is upon the user selecting, I use a manager class to store the current value before changing anything. Upon clicking the cancel button, I go back to the manager class and set the text and selectedIndex to the previous settings. Hope that makes sense.
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            Kurt Mossman Adobe Employee

            John is right. The trick here is to capture the value before the change event and you can do this with the click event. I have attached a simple example. Once you have the value you can reset the selectedIndex. In the example I used the selectedItem.item to display the text, you could just use the selectedIndex in your code.