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    My System - Any Potential Bottlenecks?


      I bought a system back in january for work (web design) and built it myself. I've been diving in to editing every now and then. I have a canon HF s100. Obviously it uses AVCHD. I am also looking in to getting a 7D (an upgrade from my 30d) to have for photography and some nice DOF shots on a a dolly. So far I have noticed no issues with playback on my timeline, other than a skip every now and then. My PC specs are below. Is there anything I can do to improve this? I've been reading posts from Harm all night last night


      I also sent in my benchmarks from ppbm5 last night. I was a little confused because it told me to KEEP my project, renders, source, etc all on the same drive. I have different drives for all this so I didnt know if that would affect the results.


      Here is what I got:


      Intel i7 950 3.06 GHz



      EVA Geforce GTX 470

      (I use to have two of them for a third monitor for designing, then in SLI for playing a occasional game. As I understand, SLI gains no benifit for premiere so I pulled it out completely. When having the second card in, it takes up a lot of room where 1 drive could be stored, and more heat. I decided to add a second drive and lose the 3 monitors and or SLI.)



      ASUS P6X58D-E



      Kingston HyperX 1600MHz DDR3 6 X 4GB modules (24GB)


      Power Supply:

      Corsair CMPSU-850TX 850 Watt



      Antec 300 Gaming Case



      2 X NEC LCD2490WUXi2-BK 24"



      C: - 1TB 7200 WD Black - OS, Programs

      D: - 500gb WD 7200 (old one from another computer) - Output

      E: - 2 X 750gb WD 7200 Black - RAID0 - Renders, Cache

      F: - 2 X 750gb WD 7200 Black - RAID0 - Source, Project



      Every night I backup F: and D: to C: and an external networked drive. F: also stores all my work.


      I do use MBL 2.0. As I understand it doesnt use the GPU. It does take a while to render, but I don't have anything to base it off of. This goes the same with effects that are not supported by MPE.


      Thanks for the positive criticism!

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          RjL190365 Level 5

          The best, cost-effective solution is to overclock the CPU. With four disks in aid0, the i7-950 on an LGA 1366 motherboard at stock speed is actually slower than a non-K i7-2600 for the LGA 1155 platform. Second, I would add a good third-party CPU cooler such as a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo, especially since the stock Intel cooler is barely adequate for stock-speed operation. Third, I would replace that Antec 300 case with something that's roomier and has larger fans, such as a Cooler Master HAF 932 Advanced.

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            sternyy Level 1

            1) The next thing I was going to do is overclock.


            2) I have a cooler (fan) for my RAM but not my CPU. Ill get that too. Any other choices to look at?


            3) I have 5 fans in the case right now. 1 on the side bringing air in. 1 in the back pushing air out. 1 up top pushing air out. 2 in front bringing air in. Would it still be wise to get a bigger case (any other choices to look at)?



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              Mike-Baldwin Level 1

              I've got the same MB as you and couldn't be any happier with the Noctua NH-U12P SE2 cooler I'm running on my 970.

              I'm also a big fan of my Fractal Designs Define XL case as well, it doesn't have a TON of fans but everything stays super cool inside (6 drives and a stock 570 GPU) and I think it's a really well thought out and put together case.  It also doesn't hurt that Fractal is located in my wife's hometown



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                sternyy Level 1

                I feel torn on what to go with. It's not like im building a whole new PC, but yet I want to do this right if im going to spend $300. I realize a new cooler probably wont fit in my case now, and I need a cooler if im going to overclock so all 3 are very important. This is hard

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                  Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

                  Your total PPBM5 score is 254 which puts you about 132 on the list when Harm enters it (he is terribly busy right now I just founld out).  These scores of yours are quite reasonable for your system.  Get a CPU temperature monitoring utility (I use RealTemp) and see where you are temperture-wise with your stock speed.  You maybe able to moderately overclock with the stock cooler. 


                  I am not familiar enough with you computer case but explore the Coolermaster Hyper 212 EVO unit and see if it will fit in your case.  Make sure you check the height as the footprint is probably ok even with a second fan which is what I use for push-pull operation.

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                    JEShort01 Level 4



                    New builds can be difficult to decide upon for CS5 / 5.5, and upgrades can be even more difficult to justify and implement!


                    You have some awesome components already: Asus x58 motherboard, multiple hard drives (nice with today's pricing!), 24GB RAM, GTX 470 (no problems with that whatsoever), dual 24" monitors, Corsair 850 watt p/s, nightly backups already (congrats to you; other readers take note, feel guilt and change your ways soon), and everything is completely setup and working already.


                    My suggestion is different, and a bit more expensive than the $300 route, but I'll explain what it is and why it may work best for you.


                    Sell your i7-950 (approx. $120 credit from eBay)


                    Buy a 6-core 32nm technology i7-970 or i7-980 ($549 on Newegg, less if go eBay)


                    This will get you 2 very important gains, 32nm technology and 6-cores, and also includes a cooler that is better than your stock i7-950.


                    The 32nm 6-core should run about as cool as your current CPU and in your current case, but adds 50% more cores (read much more render power and handling difficult AVCHD codecs).


                    Regarding your PPBM5 score, you should be able to get a measurable gain by putting media cache and media cache database (edit/preferences/media) onto one of the RAID0 arrays and also doing your exporting to that 2nd array.


                    I ran an OC'd i7-950 for awhile, and then upgraded it to an OC'd i7-970, plus I've run PPBM5 over 100 times now for various different clock speeds, memory sizes, and drive configurations. So yes, I do feel qualified to say that this option would be quieter, faster, and more trouble free (for the upgrade) than the case + cooler options would be.


                    Besides, if a six-core at stock speeds plus the built in Turbo clock speed increases does not get you adequate performance, you could probably still add one of the $100 closed-loop water units to your 300 case for some more speed.