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    Find not working in Adobe X


      I have a PDF document created from an IBM Mainframe using a product called Text-2-Pdf.


      I can open this document using ANY version of Adobe prior to Adobe X and it opens fine.  I am able to perform a FIND function for a string and it will show me that string.




      If I open up the document in Adobe X, the document opens fine.  I can view it.  If it try using FIND to find a string, I get no results found.  I am looking at the text I want to find, but it is not finding it.


      What is going on with Adobe X?????


      I've spend the better part of a day looking at this right now.  Any help would be appreciated.

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          ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Are the fonts properly embedded in the PDF? Seems that X can be a little pickier about that sort of thing.

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            ppepin1 Level 1

            Actually, I think we just found the problem.


            Apparently, the version of TXT2PDF we are using is adding items into the Document Information Dictionary as:


            /Producer My Name version 1.0

            /CreationDate 20110112


            This was OK for pre Adobe X, but now they are much pickier about the format of the Document Information Dictionary and strings need to be in parens.


            Here is the updated version:


            /Producer (My Name version 1.0)

            /CreationDate (20110112)


            Find works like a champ now.