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    Flex 4.6 IOS Mobile packager - can it load and play swf's dynamically at run time?

    rexdtripod Level 1

      I have an app that shows the viewer slides in a SWFLoader object.  I load the slides at runtime from a remote server.  When I package the app for IOS using 4.6 the swf slides load and play fine in the IOS emulator on the PC.  They don't load, however, when I deploy to a provisioned iPad. 


      My guess is that IOS can handle doesn't know what to do with dynamically loaded swf data.  I'm not positive though because it plays in the emulator.  Is that emulator truly emulating xcode or is it running flash?


      Note:  this same app plays an rtmp flash stream just fine even on the device itself.  Just can't handle a dynamically loaded swf.