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    InDesign PDF reflow structure order accessibility issues


      Running into a problem with the PDF reflow/reading order not following the Strucutre Order outlined in the master InDesign document.

      Also - problems with alt text on vector images and losing text wrap margin on top of image when using the new CS5.5 "anchor image" process.




      CS4 - I have implemented a tag structure in InDesign CS4 and initiated the PDF "use document structure" in the page properties of the exported PDF but the PDF document will not follow the reading order specified in the InDesign structure panel. 


      CS5.5 - I upgraded to InDesign CS5.5 as there has been great mention of the "leaps" forward in creating accessible documents. I have created 2 InDesign documents. 



      1. I stripped the Structure out of the document and created articles in the new "Articles Pane". I have followed the instructions for creating accessible PDF documents (selected "use for reading order" in the "Articles" option dialogue, completed PDF touch-ups {turned on "use document structure" in page properties, etc}) but still - PDF does not follow reading order created with InDesign. 


      2. I left the "structure" in tact and also used the "Articles Pane" for all content in the InDesign CS5.5 document. Exported to PDF. Followed touch-up sequence - PDF still will not use structure order created in InDesign document. 



      Also running into errors with passing accessibility tests.  Example: Vector graphic (with text wrap) has Alt text appended to it through InDesign "Object Export Options", it is present in the PDF as well (by mousing over the image and in the tag properties) but the accessibility report (PDF, 508 and WC3) lists the image with no alt text. 


      Another InDesign CS5.5  error when creating accessible documents occurs with the new "image anchor" process (which is an incredible leap forward from the old CS4 way). The problem - text wrapped images loose their ability to margin the text away from the top of the image when the "image anchor" is set. 


      Accessibility is a major area of development for our firm right now - and even though there have been advances, it seems we are held up in our work flow process - which is impeding our efforts to create accessible documents for our eager clients (Government Agencies, Municipalities and Not-For-Profit). 


      PLEASE SEND HELP - lol - but really - much needed - much appreciated!