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    Acrobat 9 Pro can't read out loud

    celkins Newcomer

      I've always been able to use Acrobat's "Read Out Loud" feature to help me proof complex documents by having Acrobat read the PDF aloud while I read the original to check for discrepancies. Since upgrading to Acrobat 9 Pro Extended version 9.4.6 on Windows 7, I can't get the Read Out Loud feature to work. The document is fully tagged, the sound and speakers are working correctly. After activating the Read Out Loud feature (View->Read Out Loud->Activate Read Out Loud), when I select any of the options (e.g., Read This Page Only or Read to End of Document), Acrobat crashes. It doesn't matter if I'm using a PDF generated from Framemaker or one downloaded from Adobe's site.


      I've read through Adobe's Help forums and can't find a solution. Has anyone had and successfully resolved this problem?: