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    Single sided transition

    Seehorse Video

      Maybe I'm being dense but I wondered if there was a way to apply a default transition to a CG title as a single sided transition?  I know you can select two adjacent clips and use the keyboard shortcut to apply the transition between them but one thing I miss that my Avid Liquid system did was to let you with a keystroke apply a transition at the selected point, not just between clips.  This allowed me to place a CG clip on the timeline, move the pointer to the front of the clip and hit a key dropping a transition in and then move the pointer to the back of the clip and hit the key again dropping a transition out.


      I know I can grab the transition from the folder and drag it where I want but it's much faster to just select/click/apply.  When I'm working on a project with hundreds of CG titles disolving on and off saving a few seconds on each one adds up.  Unfortunately I don't have the CG clips disolve one to another to another.

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          If two clips are adjacent, the transition will appear between them.  If a clip has nothing next to it, the transition will apply only to that clip.

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            Seehorse Video Level 1

            I've tried that, and unless I'm doing something wrong if I select a clip with nothing next to it and hit the default transition key absolutely nothing happens.


            My timeline is fairly simple, I have video clips on track 1 and CG on track 2.  Selecting a clip of CG and hitting default transition does nothing.  Selecting two adjacent clips and hitting default transition applies the transition between the two clips.  I've tried it with the pointer at the start of a CG clip, at the end of a CG clip and even in the middle... still I get no result at all.


            Here's a bad ASCII diagram:


            Track 2              CG Clip

            Track 1 Video Clip (transition )Video Clip (transition )Video Clip


            I want to end up with:


            Track 2 ........(transition)CG Clip(transition)..........

            Track 1 Video Clip (transition) Video Clip (transition) Video Clip


            Selecting the CG Clip and hitting default transition does nothing.  Yes, I can grab, drag & drop the transition to the clip but that's a longer process.  Is this doable and I just have something set wrong somewhere or am I out of luck?

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              SFL46 Level 3

              A transition almost always sits ontop of  cut--this is why you see the program behave that way.


              One option, let the program do its thing.  Once the transistion is placed, click on it and open the effects control.  From there, you can select "start of cut" or "end at cut" Since most of the transistions are two way, you may not be happy with the result depending on the "handles" on the clip or adjacent clips.  Wipes may work, a cross-dissolve will look weird as the transition is expecting to dissolve betwen two clips

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                shooternz Level 6

                I assume the graphic is on a video track of its own and it is not butted to another..


                Target that track.  Pg Up or Dn to get to the start of the graphic clip.


                CTRL-D applies  the default transition.


                It will be single sided if the graphic clip is not butted to another .  ( as Jim said)


                If a Cross Dissolve is the Default transition...it will be a fade in at the start of the clip and a fade out at the end.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  My guess would be that you were not at either the Head, or the Tail of that Title, or that you had not Targeted its Track, when you attempted to apply the Default Transition. Craig (ShooterNZ) has the steps. Just be sure that you have Targeted the Track (and only that Track), before Ctrl+D.


                  Good luck,



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                    Seehorse Video Level 1

                    Thanks guys, I was indeed missing a step in the track selection.  It's been about 6 years since I last used Premiere and it's considerably different than the Avid Liquid I've been using.  I'm glad that there was a way that didn't involve dragging several hundred transitions manually.