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    WebHelp TOC not displaying in Firefox and loads very slow in IE...any advice?

    Aurora Tech Writer

      We recently migrated to an online webhelp system so that we don't have to distribute the documentation with our software.  We host the webhelp documentation on our website and it is meant to be accessed from within our software.  Our problem is that the TOC is loading very slowly in IE and not loading at all when viewed from Firefox.


      When I run the help locally (either on our network or on my workstation), the TOC works fine.


      Within the past hour, I added the script to force the TOC to sync (found on Peter G's website)...and it hasn't helped.


      Any advice on where to look?


      I can pm our URL for the help, if anyone thinks it will help them diagnose.







      (currently using Robohelp 8)