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    Timeline question


      CS 5.5    This may sound trivial, but it bugs me and I want to be able to "turn this function off".  After laying clips on the timeline and it has finished playing through the last one, I touch the spacebar and the playhead immediately jumps to the beginning of the timeline.  Can this be turned off?

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          SFL46 Level 3

          Yup, I agree.  It juimps back as it knows there is nothing else to play.  My workaround is to place a black video clip out a minute or two beyond the end of the timeline.  This will cause the jump back to be delayed to give you time to press the spacebar and stop the playback

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            If you let the playback finish, and hit the Spacebar again, the program assumes that you actually wish to playback the Timeline.


            If you do not wish to replay the Timeline, why are you hitting the Spacebar?


            When the playback has finished, what do you want the Spacebar to do?


            If you wish for the CTI/Playback Head to NOT go to the end of the Timeline, just hit Spacebar, prior to the completition of playback, and it will remain.


            Good luck,



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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              If playback has stopped and the CTI is at the end, what do you expect it to do when you hit the spacebar again?  I mean, there's nothing left to play right?  It's already at the end.


              So it goes back to the beginning.


              If you don't want it to do that, don't hit the spacebar when it's at the end of the sequence.

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                SFL46 Level 3

                By placing the black video clip a  minute or two BEYOND the end of your sequence, you get a minute or two to stop the playback before it runs out of video. Pressing the spscebar while the CTI is moving thru the added blank minute or two will stop the playback

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